A Comprehensive List of Every Civil Aviation Registry in the World (D-F)

Credit: Sergei Bobylev/TASS, via Getty Images

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (ICAO Code: P-)

Democratic Republic of the Congo (ICAO Code: 9S/9T-)

Denmark (ICAO Code: OY-)

Credit: Danish Transport Authority

Djibouti (ICAO Code: J2-)

Dominica (ICAO Code: J7-)

Dominican Republic (ICAO Code: HI-)

East Timor (ICAO Code: 4W-)

Ecuador (ICAO Code: HC-)

Credit: General Directorate of Civil Aviation

Egypt (ICAO Code: SU-)

El Salvador (ICAO Code: YS-)

Equatorial Guinea (ICAO Code: 3C-)

Eritrea (ICAO Code: E3-)

Estonia (ICAO Code: ES-)

Credit: Civil Aviation Administration of Estonia

Eswatini (ICAO Code: 3DC-)

Ethiopia (ICAO Code: ET-)

Credit: Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority

Fiji (ICAO Code: DQ-)

Finland (ICAO Code: OH-)

Credit: FlyFinland

France (ICAO Code: F-)

Credit: Directorate General for Civil Aviation

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