A Comprehensive List of Every Public Aviation Registry in the World (A-C)

Credit: USA Today, United Airlines

Afghanistan (ICAO Code: YA-)

Albania (ICAO Code: ZA-)

Algeria (ICAO Code: 7T-V-)

Andorra (ICAO Code: C3-)

Angola (ICAO Code: D2-)

Antigua and Barbuda (ICAO Code: V2-)

Argentina (ICAO Code: LV-)

Armenia (ICAO Code: EK-)

Credit: Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia

Australia (ICAO Code: VH-)

Credit: Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia

Austria (ICAO Code: OE-)

Credit: Austro Control

Azerbaijan (ICAO Code: 4K-)

Bahamas (ICAO Code: C6-)

Bahrain (ICAO Code: A9C-)

Bangladesh (ICAO Code: S2-)

Belarus (ICAO Code: EW-)

Belgium (ICAO Code: OO-)

Credit: Belgian Aircraft Register

Belize (ICAO Code: V3-)

Credit: Belize Department of Civil Aviation

Benin (ICAO Code: TY-)

Bermuda (ICAO Code: VP-B / VQ-B-)

Bhutan (ICAO Code: A5-)

Bolivia (ICAO Code: CP-)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (ICAO Code: E7-)

Credit: Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Botswana (ICAO Code: A2-)

Brazil (ICAO Code: PP-)

Credit: National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil

British Virgin Islands (ICAO Code: VP-L-)

Brunei (ICAO Code: V8-)

Bulgaria (ICAO Code: LZ-)

Burkina Faso (ICAO Code: XT-)

Burundi (ICAO Code: 9U-)

Cambodia (ICAO Code: XU-)

Cameroon (ICAO Code: TJ-)

Canada (ICAO Code: C-)

Credit: Transport Canada

Cape Verde (ICAO Code: D4-)

Cayman Islands (ICAO Code: VP-C-)

Central African Republic (ICAO Code: TL-)

Chad (ICAO Code: TT-)

Chile (ICAO Code: CC-)

China (ICAO Code: B-)

Colombia (ICAO Code: HK-)

Credit: Colombian Department of Civil Aeronautics

Comoros (ICAO Code: D6-)

Congo, Republic of (ICAO Code: TN-)

Cook Islands (ICAO Code: E5-)

Congo, Democratic Republic of (ICAO Code: 9Q-)

Costa Rica (ICAO Code: TI-)

Cote d’Ivoire (ICAO Code: TU-)

Croatia (ICAO Code: 9A-)

Credit: Croatian Aviation Agency

Cuba (ICAO Code: CU-)

Cyprus (ICAO Code: 5B-)

Credit: Freelance Aerospace Writers

Czech Republic (ICAO Code: OK-)

Credit: Aircraft Registry of the Czech Republic

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