All of the Heavy Metal Bands from Azerbaijan (Updated: 2021)

Alexander Leslie
4 min readFeb 25, 2021
Credit: Violet Cold, Facebook, 2020

Much of the credit in making this list goes to Encyclopedia Metallum: The Metal Archives and its exhaustive, crowdsourced documenting of heavy metal from around the world. For more information on the bands listed here, check out The Metal Archives’ Azerbaijan page.

This list is compiled from a variety of sources, including MySpace, YouTube, Spotify, The Metal Archives, Bandcamp, and other social networking sites (i.e. Facebook). Bands are organized alphabetically and supplemented with relevant links.

For metal bands from the other two countries of the South Caucasus, check out my other articles: Georgia and Armenia!

If bands are missing, links are broken, or information is incorrect — please let me know! I will update the article as more information comes. This list is a work in progress.



Gothic/doom metal from Baku. Formed by Maksim Kochetov and Emin Kerimov in 2002. Active until 2016.

Credit: Emin Kerimov, YouTube, 2014

Live footage, including interviews with band members:

Credit: Emin Kerimov, YouTube, 2012

3,14… also maintains accounts on VKontakte and Facebook (both in Russian).

Fatal Nation

Groove/alternative metal from Baku. Formed in 1999 before taking a hiatus, active again in 2020–2021.

New release:

Music video:

Fatal Nation also maintains a social media presence on VKontakte (in English) and Instagram. They have an associated Facebook account, but it hasn’t been updated since 2010.


Groove metal from Baku. Formed in 2016.

Full album:

Credit: Gatteria, YouTube, 2018

Live footage:

Credit: Gatteria, YouTube, 2019

Full discography on Bandcamp:

Gatteria also maintains accounts on VKontakte, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

Goat Ripper

Brutal death metal from Baku. Formed by Nijat Hasanzadeh in 2018.

Credit: Goat Ripper, Bandcamp, 2019

New release on Bandcamp:

Goat Ripper also maintains accounts on Facebook and VKontakte (both in English).

Credit: Goat Ripper, Facebook, 2020

Hoar Demigod

Avant-death metal from Baku. Formed in 2018 by Tair Mamedov.

Full album (2021):

Credit: temniygospod, YouTube, 2021

More on Bandcamp:

Hoar Demigod also maintains accounts on VKontakte and Facebook.


Funeral doom from Sumgait. Formed in 2013 by Adil Hajili.

Full album on Bandcamp:


Credit: Minimorum Dband, YouTube, 2015

Minimorum also maintains accounts on VKontakte (in Azeri), SoundCloud, and Facebook.


Sludge/stoner metal from Baku. Formed in 2015.


Credit: Pyraweed, Facebook, 2016

Pyraweed maintains an account on Facebook.

Credit: Pyraweed, Facebook, 2020

Silence Lies Fear

Melodic death metal / metalcore from Baku. Formed in 2008.

Full discography on Bandcamp:

Music videos:

Credit: Silence Lies Fear, YouTube, 2014

Silence Lies Fear also maintains their discography on Myspace:

They also maintain a Facebook account.

The Nails

Gothic/black metal from Baku. Formed in 2007.

The Nails maintains an account on Myspace, which is the only source I could find for streaming their music:

They also maintain a VKontakte account (in Russian), with some links to download their albums.

Violet Cold

Experimental “AI simulated” black metal project from Baku. Started by Emin Guliyev in 2013.

Full discography on Spotify:

As well as Bandcamp:


Credit: Violet Cold, YouTube, 2020

Violet Cold also maintains accounts on Twitter, VKontakte, and Facebook. As well as its own website with relevant links.

Vozmezdiye (Возмездие)

Black metal from Baku. Formed in 2007.

Full album:

Credit: Vozmezdieband, YouTube, 2016

Full discography on Bandcamp:

They also maintain accounts on Facebook and VKontakte.


Post-black metal / shoegaze from Baku. Formed in 2017.

Full album:

Credit: Zommm, YouTube, 2018

Full discography on Bandcamp:

Zommm also maintains accounts on Facebook, SoundCloud, and VKontakte.

I hope you enjoy this list of heavy metal groups from Azerbaijan! This list accompanies two other articles on Georgia and Armenia.

I will update this article as I receive more info.

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