All of the Heavy Metal Bands from Azerbaijan (Updated: 2021)

Credit: Violet Cold, Facebook, 2020


Credit: Emin Kerimov, YouTube, 2014
Credit: Emin Kerimov, YouTube, 2012

Fatal Nation


Credit: Gatteria, YouTube, 2018
Credit: Gatteria, YouTube, 2019

Goat Ripper

Credit: Goat Ripper, Bandcamp, 2019
Credit: Goat Ripper, Facebook, 2020

Hoar Demigod

Credit: temniygospod, YouTube, 2021


Credit: Minimorum Dband, YouTube, 2015


Credit: Pyraweed, Facebook, 2016
Credit: Pyraweed, Facebook, 2020

Silence Lies Fear

Credit: Silence Lies Fear, YouTube, 2014

The Nails

Violet Cold

Credit: Violet Cold, YouTube, 2020

Vozmezdiye (Возмездие)

Credit: Vozmezdieband, YouTube, 2016


Credit: Zommm, YouTube, 2018

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